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This month has National Caregiver Appreciation Day being celebrated, and you may not even have known it was an official holiday. But, there are 65 million caregivers now, just in the US alone, and if you are one of them, we want to celebrate and appreciate you. Because you deserve it. And, as a caregiver, with so many people counting on you, you know how important it is to get your estate plan set up right, or fixed up, if it’s been a while since you first got it handled. Did you know that unless your estate plan is set up properly and kept up to date it could cost your family as much as it costs you to buy a new car…or that your children could end up in the arms of a stranger…even if you have named guardians or have a will?

In honor and appreciation of your caregiving, we have a special “We Appreciate Your Care” promotion. If you are one of the first 5 caregivers to book a Family Wealth Planning Session with us this month, we’ll waive our normal $750 planning session fee, plus send you out for a massage at our local massage place, after you come in for your planning session, so long as you do your homework ahead of time, and show up for your Session. That’s how we reward you for doing what you know you need to do anyway. We see that as a win/win. So call today, schedule your Session, get your estate planning handled or updated, and have a massage on us. Thank you for your care!

Mention this promotion when you schedule!

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