Some other family lawyers take a “scorched earth” approach to family cases, often causing irreparable harm to children and to co-parenting relationships, and depleting the marital assets by running up attorney’s fees. Sending nasty, threatening letters or making false or misleading claims are examples of tactics that can be used by attorneys to bully their way to a resolution. This approach tends to escalate conflict, reduce a party’s credibility with the judge, and decrease a possibility of settlement. On the other side of the divorce case, after the lawyers are gone and the dust has settled, the parents/parties are left to pick up the pieces and build their next chapter. 

At Flagstaff Law Group we are always mindful of this and guide our clients to consider how certain case strategies or decisions can have long term impacts on their finances, their parenting relationships, or their ability to co-parent after the divorce concludes. We can offer fair and firm advocacy while treating opposing parties and their attorneys with dignity.