Intellectual Property

Don’t Forget To Include Intellectual Property In Your Estate Plan

You don’t have to be a famous producer or household name to own intellectual property. If you create music, own a business, write stories, or build gadgets in your garage, you almost certainly have intellectual property. However, because intellectual property [...]

2023-09-17T13:24:15-07:00September 17, 2023|Estate Planning|

A Not-So-Happy Accident: Bob Ross’s Estate Planning Failures Leave His Son With Next to Nothing—Part 2

As the host of the wildly popular The Joy of Painting TV series on PBS, Bob Ross became a pop-culture icon, who was equally famous for his giant head of hair, soothing baritone voice, and folksy demeanor as he was [...]

2021-11-08T12:49:53-07:00September 24, 2021|Estate Planning|
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